In addition to the crossbows and compound bows that are listed on our home page, we have many other items in stock.
  • Ammunition for rifle, shotgun & muzzleloader
  • Broadheads
  • Game calls
  • Scents & scent killers –Nationwide Scents in stock now!
  • Big Shot targets for compound bows & crossbows
  • A large selection of arrows -including Goldtip Hunter arrows
  • Ravin & Parker bolts
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  • Browning Trail Cams

    Browning Trail Cams

    Browning Trail Cameras offer a high-quality line of trail cameras that meet the expectations set forth by John M. Browning many years ago.

  • SpyPoint Trail Cams

    SpyPoint Trail Cams

    Sit back, relax & know you’re covered
    All 2017 SPYPOINT trail cameras are now covered by the “Know you’re covered” 2 year warranty. This new measure will be recognized with a valid proof of purchase dated year 2017 or later, from an authorized SPYPOINT dealer.

  • Cloak Pro 10

    Cloak Pro 10

    Hunters love the Cloak® series because these cameras meet the mark both in quality and affordability. Cover more area and get more results with the Cloak Pro 10.

Antler King

The Leader in Wildlife Nutrition Products

For over 26 years Antler King Trophy Products Inc. has been helping people grow bigger bucks and healthier deer through food plots and feed supplements. Whether you hunt on four acres or 40,000 acres, Antler King products will help you grow bigger bucks and healthier deer.


  • Antler King Trophy Clover Mix

    I harvested this magnificent buck on my small 36 acre property. The giant was only 4.5 years old and he unofficially grossed 221 4/8 inches non-typical. Using photos of the deer and his shed antlers, I estimate that this deer grew 65 inches last year! He is a genetic freak, but I believe that nutrition played a tremendous role as well. I harvested the buck on the edge of a field of Antler King Trophy Clover Mix and he was photographed at my Antler King Honey Hole plot as well. Antler King® products certainly helped this deer reach his genetic potential and I will continue to use Antler King products in the future! Thank you, Antler King for making a dream come true. Jerad Dreeszen

  • Honey Hole

    Here are a couple of pics. I had actually planned on hunting this buck late season, over food, as that was the only time he had any sort of consistent routine. Here are some pictures of him from last winter, over what was left of a Honey Hole plot! (I doubled the size of that plot for this fall!)

    Score: 214 2/8″ gross

    Thomas Mlsna

  • Antler King Honey Hole Mix

    I just wanted to thank Antler King for making an incredible product!I own 78 acres and planted this food plot with Antler King® Honey Hole Mix the third week in August. With the dry summer I never expected the mix to grow, but as you can see from the pictures, it exceeded expectations. Because of your food plot mix, I was able to keep this buck in the area and shot him with a bow on November 9th. This buck had a gross, non-typical green score of 206 5/8. Thank you again for creating a great product!! Cory Esker

  • Antler King Lights Out

      Phenomenal, don’t know but phenomenal! Pretty much sums it up! The deer absolutely demolished my Lights Out plot, and what I do know is I need to plant more of it next year! Antler King did it again with this mix, awesome!

    Don Kisky

  • Honey Hole

    “I planted Honey Hole on a small 20 acre piece this year and was having a few shooters coming through regularly, then this guy showed up 5 weeks ago and all the other ones disappeared. I had this fatty at 15 yards Saturday and Sunday night of opening weekend and didn’t have any clear shot because he stayed in the thick woods edge, it seemed he knew something wasn’t right. But Sunday the 24th it was 90 degrees and I debated going out to the stand…I’m so glad I went. He came out about 5:30 to feed on the Honey Hole on his normal travel pattern. I arrowed him at 15 yards and he died within 100 yards after the shot. Thank you Antler King.”

    Jason Benner

  • Great morning in the woods for opening day of Indiana firearm season. My cousin (Eric Seward) and I filled our tags hunting over our Antler King food plots. So important to keep those doe’s on your property when the rut hits.”

    Brett Hankins