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Ravin R10 Special

The Ravin® Crossbows R10 Crossbow Package offers Ravin performance to hunters who like to hunt in tight quarters or stay mobile. Weighing just 6.8 lbs. and measuring just 33″ long, this power-packed dynamo still delivers big hunting performance. Offering the same, sleek, rifle-like feel and HeliCoil® technology as the larger Ravins, this crossbow give hunters superior accuracy with big performance. Measuring just 6.5″ from axle to axle when ready to fire, the R10 sends arrows screaming towards the target at 400 fps with 142 ft. lbs. of kinetic energy at the point of impact. 

Reg. $1299.99  Sale Price $1255 while supplies last!

Ravin R20 Special

The Ravin® Crossbows R20 Package offers the best blend of power and accuracy a hunter can get his or her hands on. Powered by Ravin’s Helicoil® technology, this sleek, rifle-like crossbow measures just 6″ from axle to axle when cocked for a great feel and great maneuverability. Sporting a power stroke of 13″, this bone-crushing crossbow launches arrows up to 430 fps with a hard-hitting 164 ft. lbs. of kinetic energy at impact to deliver power exactly where you aim. The HeliCoil design coils the cables away from the top and bottom of the R20’s cams in helical grooves, keeping the cams perfectly balanced. This unique balance allows the cams to rotate 340° while remaining completely level through the draw and release to give hunters precise accuracy you don’t expect from a crossbow.

Reg. $1799.99  Sale Price $1620 while supplies last!

Elite Ritual

Elite delivers the Ritual – the most efficient bow ever developed. As Hunters, we have a routine. We follow it religiously. It gives us the best chance for success. From deer camp traditions to wearing our lucky hat. We are all creatures of habit. Of tradition. We are bowhunters. This is the Ritual.

When you reach for a bow the first thing you grab is the grip. In this case, a super chiseled custom feel that automatically brings a smile because you know it will be easy to be consistent and accurate with a grip that feels this good.

Reg. $860  Sale Price $525 while supplies last!

Elite Ritual 30

The Elite Archery Ritual 30 is a short axle to axle bow at just 30-1/2″, that archers are finding handles long distance shooting just was well as a longer bow. Coupled with its weight at just 4.1 lbs., this bow is a super choice for maneuverability in the treestand, and especially in the blind.

The Ritual 30 boasts all of the features Elite Archery is known for, including the Elite bow draw cycle. Elite’s efficient two-track cam system allows Elite bows to focus on shootability, bows that aim well and feel great to shoot.

Reg. $860  Sale Price $525 while supplies last!

Package Special

The Elite Valor Package $696