Nationwide Scents

3 Types of Lure available:
Buck Urine, Scrape Lure & Peak Estrus
Oder Neutralizers also in stock.

Mix & Match to get the best results! Stop in choose exactly what you want.

Why is Nationwide Scents the better choice?

  • 53.2 times more effective
  • Kept frozen in insulated cooler
  • ATA Deer Protection Program participating member
  • CWD Certified Free since 2002
  • 2nd generation, family-owned farms with 700 whitetails

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Scrape Lure

Peak Estrus Certified frozen deer urine is the best buck lure on the market. 

Distinctive advantages of Peak Estrus -verified by field tests:

  • Bucks more aggressive
  • Up to 4 times longer interest time
  • Up to 5 times more flehmen (lip curl) response
  • More mature bucks responded