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We carry a full line of Elite, Diamond, CenterPoint and Ravin Crossbows

Mercenary™ 390 Crossbow

Hunters seeking a crossbow as rugged as they are need look no further. CenterPoint engineers designed a dealer and distributor exclusive bow, the Mercenary 390 to withstand the rigors of long seasons: that’s early-season scorchers, mid-season driving rain, and late season deep-freezes. Throughout it all, the Mercenary 390 maintains tight performance and reliability.

Elite Remedy

The 2021 Elite Remedy combines the ASYM Tri-Track Cam System, VersaMod rotating module, and S.E.T. Technology into a 34” axle-to-axle bow. Designed specifically for those who prefer a slightly longer ATA, the Remedy maintains Elite’s promise of a comfortable shooting experience while accommodating longer draw lengths of up to 31”. 


A patented built-in trigger mechanism that slides forward on the rail and clasps directly to the precise center of the string every time the bow is drawn, allowing for straight-line nock travel. This unique Helicoil advantage creates a perfectly balanced draw for unmatched down rangeaccuracy with every shot.

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